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....the benefits of the trail are many. Benefits include more attractive communities, safer routes for bicyclists, pedestrians and children going to school in addition to higher property values to nearby lands.

Update: 2022

Trail is opening in 2022. Phase 3 was awarded the top grant in order to further trail from softball park to GCT.

Future: The goal is to see this trail connect to Crowley's Ridge State Park.

Update: 2021

Broke Ground May 2021.

Update: 2020

The Greene County Future Fund has secured over $700,000 in funds for the project. The latest revisions of the plan were submitted to the Arkansas Highway Department of Transportation in January 2020. The executive committee is working on a few easements and some temporary construction easements. The project should be bid Spring 2020.

Future of Trail: Our goal is to see this trail connecting to Crowley State Park.


The Arkansas Highway Transportation Department (AHTD) has approved a grant of $403,000 and is making a large investment in the citizens of Greene County and Paragould.

The AHTD Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) has awarded $403,000 for construction of Phase One of the 8 mile creek trail project. This phase will begin in the Sundale Area near Rotary Softball park and follow the 8 mile creek east to highway 49 north.

City of Paragould is willing to donate the remaining funds for the project. The Greene County Future Fund has been working closely with ETC Engineering to check on the progress of the design work. As of October 2018, ETC has stated they should be able to bid the project in Spring of 2019 and work and completion of the trail should not be long thereafter.

In 2018, the Greene County Future fund purchased 7 bicycle racks to be placed throughout downtown Paragould. These bicycle rack will encourage this mode of transportation and allow owners to safely secure their bicycle’s to various places along downtown.

Increased Property Values
The millennial generation is looking for an attractive community and trails consistently remain the number one community amenity sought by prospective homeowners (Cited National Association of Homebuilders).

Attract More Businesses
Businesses want to relocate in a community that buyers want to live in; places that are safe and attractive with opportunities for walking and trail activities.

Promote Better Health
Arkansas is #1 in obesity and a lot of this in part due to inactivity.

        • While a growing body of research has proven the health benefits of biking and walking, data from the states and cities continues to show a correlation between active transportation and critical health issues.
        • States with higher levels of biking and walking generally show lower levels of diabetes, hypertension and obesity.
        • Every one dollar investment into trails for physical activity leads to $2.94 dollars in direct medical benefit.

"People can't get out of their cars, unless we provide them with another way to get where they are going."

Easy Transportation

  • 40 percent of our daily trips are less than 2 miles away. We do not have any public transit.
  • American Womens’ Job Corporation is seeking bicycles for their participants. (if you don’t think transportation is not important for your employees, you haven’t worked in a human resource department).
  • Greenways located close to one’s home are accessible to all income groups, particularly to those who cannot afford dependable access.
  • Trails can serve as a convenient route to the corner store, work or school.
  • A trail such as along 8 mile creek could connect to locations such as PHS, Paragould Primary, GCT Primary and connect Harmon, Bland, and come on the back side of Labor Day Park.
  • There is a significant impact on our health and the way we build our communities. Do we encourage non-motorized travel?

Economic Development

  • A study by National Association of Home Builders found that recent home owners indicated that walking/jogging/bike trails were listed as #2 for important amenities that impacted their decisions on purchasing homes.
  • A recent survey shows that 79% of home owners want walking and biking paths.
  • A recent survey of businesses located near urban greenways found that 20% of businesses saw an increase in their sales and 70% said they saw a “positive impact” on the surrounding area.
  • Businesses seek to be located in the same communities that home buyers want to live in – places perceived as safe and attractive, with opportunities for walking and trail activities.
  • Studies have shown that businesses that move to a place for tax incentives tended to leave as soon as the incentives expire. Whereas businesses that moved because of quality of life, become long-term residents and taxpayers.
  • Considering many Millennials today can work out of their home or car, they seek to buy and rent in locations where quality of life is prominent. Quality of Life appears to be the focus of this generation.

We appreciate the support of all our sponsors, particularly the Arkansas Highway Transportation Department for their generous donations for our trail project!

Where do I get on the trail? Trail is under construction until Summer 2022. See City of Paragould Parks & Recs.